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Will I need to charge again for re-installing the app?

No, if you are using the VigCal full version and re-install the app as new, you will not need to buy again. Just go to VigCal's Settings >> Products >> VigCal, and tap the Restore button to restore the payment.

What’s kind of VigCal full version payment?

VigCal full version payment is flat fee forever. You just buy one time and it will unlock for you unlimited time.

Will I need to buy VigCal again for iPad if I have bought on iPhone?

No, VigCal iOS is universal, so you just buy one time and then you can install the app on any iOS devices you have. After you have bought and install the app on your other devices, just go to VigCal's Settings >> Products >> VigCal, and tap the Restore button to restore the payment.

How to hide Tasks and Notes from VigCal's views

- To hide Tasks from any view in VigCal, just go to app Setting, select Tasks and under section "SHOW TASKS ON", uncheck the view you would like to hide

- To hide Notes from any view in VigCal, just go to app Setting, select Notes and under section "SHOW NOTES ON", uncheck the view you would like to hide

- OnVigCal  OSX version, you can perform these actions from the menu "View" of the app.

What is upcoming "now"/"next" data?

Upcoming "now" data is the event on time, task on due date or start date or note on date. Upcoming now data will have a timer to count down until its end of event, end due date of task and end date of note. If your task and note are not specified due time/not time, the timer will counts down until end of working day.

Upcoming "next" data is the task, event and note that are upcoming within next 24 hours.

How to delete, print, facebook, export pdf/png from a task/event on VigCal/VigTask iOS?

Select the task/event to view detail, use finger to pull down the detail view (iOS version) or right click on it body (OSX version) to see an extension menu for the actions.

How to mark done a task?

From VigCal, to mark done a task, you can do be the ways below:

- Tap/click on check box at the head of task on the task list.

- Select the task to view detail, pull down the detail view with your finger (on iOS version) or right click on the task body (OSX version) you will see an extension menu. Tap/click on the menu to mark done the task.

Forgot app's passcode

Your app's passcode is locally on your device so we can't support in the case you forgot it. Let try one of ways below:

- Try to remember from the "Show hint" button on login screen.

- Tap "Recover passcode" if you have set an email to receive the passcode.

How to sync events or tasks between iPhone and iPad version?

This is a common question, assume you have VigCal app for both iPad and iPhone (may be also Mac) version, there are several ways to sync data between the devices:

- If you want to sync only the events, you can sync data via some public tools like iOS calendars or Google calendars.

- If you want to sync only the tasks, you can sync via the tools like Toodledo or iOS Reminders.

- If you want to sync all data, you need to use our VigCloud server.

How is limitted when syncing audio links, photo links, video links and document file links via VigCloud?

VigCloud is our own free service for syncing your data between your devices or between VigStore apps' users. However, it has some limitations you should consider to get the best performance when using:

- Link file size is not bigger than 20MB for each

- Maximum store for media links and document files links is 2GB for each user

So if you have some issues with VigCloud sync such as link data is not synced please check the link and reduce its size for next syncing.

Can't launch your app?

If you can't launch your app, try to:

 - Check if you device is running out of memory

 - Contact VigStore support team via email


Why event time, note time, due time is not same with the source after synced?

If you have synced data with external source such Google calendar, Google Tasks, iOS Calendar, iOS Reminder or Toodledo, you may need to check the timezone on the original source to be matched with your device. If they are all right but the issue is still there, contact for more help!

What is VigCloud server?

VigCloud server is a free solution provided by VigStore. This is to sync data between devices within our products.

- Assume you want to sync all data (inlcuding tasks, events and notes) between iPad and iPhone version, you can only do that via our VigCloud server, All you need to do is just to setup an account on the server then the sync will start automatically.

- Or you can also backup all data to Dropbox and restore that mail to another device, this will create a copy of all data to target device.

Where I can see full video guide for VigCal?

For iPad version, click here!

For iPhone version, click here!

What is VigNote?

VigNote is our new Notes taking app. It is one of the best app for the most common activity users do on the iPad, iPhone and iPod - notes taking. It is an all-in-one note application for iOS device with rich set of futures including: text or stylus jeans note, multiple text formattings, embedded inserted shapes, photos, audios, videos, documents, and many more...

What is VigCal?

VigCal is our universal application, It includes:

- VigCal for iOS: it runs on both iPad and iPhone. This means that once you buy it, you can run on both devices, data can also be synced between the devices.

- VigCal for OSX: this is the version for OSX computers. Please be noted that this is a separate version, you need to buy it separately with VigCal for iOS.

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