Smart organizer for your life!

Universal, available for iPad, iPhone and Mac

Sync with iCal, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Reminders
and Toodledo

Many kinds of tasks, notes and events

Keep your data together via iCloud/VigCloud,

         backup via Dropbox (iOS), Google Drive or local hard disk (OSX)



Task, event and note are color code and put in the same view.
Show you tasks, events and notes that are on time in Upcoming "now" with a timer count down until the end of event or end of due date/note date and notify you something are coming next within 24 hours.
Zoom in/out your views for three-day view, week view, month view or quarter-year view.
Not just solar, but also lunar date supported.
Multiple kinds of ordering data: by important levels or by dates.
Many kinds of views (folder or list) and many kinds of skin...
Flexible working day time, also flexible day-off.
Balance time to show you how is your busy/free on each day.
Daily weather and weather forecast may be useful for your planing.
Rich features set but easy to use, elegant and beautiful user interface.



Smart booking your tasks: automatically find rooms for your tasks on calendar.
Drag & drop data anywhere with finger.
Link data together anywhere to make workflows and keep tracks.
Not just link data together only, but data can link to photo, audio, video, document files...
Not just link data inside your local device, but also from web.
Quick add/link anywhere: from views, from calendar, from timeline, from weather forecast or from email.

Audio, video, photo can be taken/recorded directly from app to make links to data or embeded into notes. Then later, they can be played/opened directly from app.

Show tasks on map around your current location with adjustable distance or seach tasks on map. Tasks also can be routed on map.
Many kinds of import, export data.



Sub tasks are formatted as check list along with task, event and note to help you define what you will need to do and track what have been done.
Tasks and events can be invited via email or shared via VigCloud.
Tasks, events and notes can have alert, location (to show on map) and can be repeated.
Tasks can be timed to track your spending time.
Powerful note with multiple styles of text combines with hand drawing, voice note, video note and photo notes…
Print fake rolex anywhere, Facebook anywhere, export PDF/PNG anywhere and send to email or save to Photo album.



VigCal can run on both iOS device and OSX device.
Keep your data together on your devices via iCloud/VigCloud.
Can sync with built in Calendar, built in Reminder and directly sync with Google Calendar, Google Tasks and Toodledo.
Backup/restore your data via Google Drive, Dropbox or from local hard disk (OSX version).
Security with app passcode, help you protect your local data and easy to recovery via email.

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